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4 Things Your Leaky Roof Could Be Trying to Tell You Fort Wayne, IN

Whether you discovered water inside your attic or found a watermark on your bedroom ceiling, a roof leak can be a scary business. But don’t panic; many leaks have simple causes that a qualified roofer can sniff out and repair …

4 Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Roof Fort Wayne

You’ve heard of UV-ray damage, roof damage caused by temperature extremes, and other types of weather-related damage. But did you know that cleaning your roof can damage it as well in some cases? Learn about four surprising things, including cleaning, …

Six Signs Your Gutters Need Work Fort Wayne, IN

Gutters are one of the home systems that even conscientious homeowners don’t think about very often. But when you do contemplate your gutters, do you ever wonder how to tell if they’re in need of repair or upgrades? Here are …

Beyond Shingles: Understanding the Parts of Your Roof Fort Wayne

When you look up at your roof, the main thing you probably notice is your shingles. However, the topper to your house is comprised of a network of parts that work together to keep the elements out and your desired …

Tips to Prevent Common Problems With Metal Roofs Fort Wayne

Metal roofs are both energy efficient and durable, but they do have their problems like other roofing materials. The following are some of the potential metal roof problems and how you can prevent them.

Pros and Cons of Switching to a Flat Roof Fort Wayne

Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings and multi-unit dwellings, but more and more homeowners are choosing flat roofs. If you believe a flat roof would complement your home, check out these advantages and disadvantages of having a flat roof.

What to Know About EPDM Roofing Fort Wayne

If your home has a flat roof, you don’t have as many roofing options to choose from. Flat roofs are affordable, look unique, and offer extra space. However, without the right roofing material, water damage can become a huge problem. …