Flat Roofing

Almost every structure requires a roof. But the question is what type of roof is best for your project? All roofing systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is important to know what you need in a roof. You may have noticed that most of the commercial roofs in Fort Wayne are flat.


Maintenance: a flat surface makes it easier and safer to work on.

Easy Access: flat roofs are typically connected by a stairwell, making it easy to bring the necessary equipment with you or to use the roof as a storage space. For some businesses this also gives the option of having more space to entertain clients or customers by turning the space or part of it, into a deck for customers to enjoy the outdoors.

Lower Cost of Installation: flat roofs are usually quicker to install than other roofing systems, saving you money.

Greater Fire Safety: As the structure is made with steel rather than wood there is a higher fire safety rating.

Best Use of Space: From floor to ceiling, flat roofs allow you to use all the space.

Great For HVAC: you can place your air conditioner and/or heater on the roof, which is usually impossible for slanted roofs.


One of the most important aspects of designing a flat roof is its ability to drain water. Slanted roofs naturally allow water to flow away from the roof and into the surrounding gutters, but flat roofs will pool water and this can be a problem. If you find that the roof of your building has a drainage problem then call on us for help!