We are an approved New roof No Mess Contractor.

Here’s why that’s good for you and your property

There’s A Better Way

Many roofers still use big tarps to catch falling roofing debris as it rains down around your flowers and shrubs. Other contractors back a dump truck over your lawn and up to your house in hopes of catching most of the roof debris they toss of your home.

Here’s the Solution

We use an Equipter on our jobs. It raises up to catch the old shingles before they fall. It’s an innovative investment we’ve made to protect your property, and it’s why we can claim the New Roof No Mess seal of approval.


The RB4000 runs on its own 13 HP Honda engine enabling us to drive it on and around the jobsite. Its wide tires minimize tracks on lawns and landscapes.

Debris Removal

Able to hold nearly 4 cubic yards of materiel, the RB4000’s dump container allows for easy disposal of debris.