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Whether it’s due to normal wear and tear caused by aging or from severe winds or hail associated with a storm, damaged shingles require professional shingle roof repair sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of serious problems arising. On top of that, the cost of shingle roof repair will rise.

Some of the risks of ignoring damaged shingles on your home include:

  • Water damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Structural damage
  • Higher HVAC bills

We can repair your damaged shingles quickly and efficiently, so you can carry on with your normal daily routine and not have to worry about what’s happening on your roof. Blown off shingles and missing shingles will be addressed and fixed, as well as any other problems so your shingle roof looks and acts like new.


We also repair all different types of metal roofs to help save you money on a full roof replacement and keep your home or business safe. Our metal roof coatings are ideal for long-term repairs and will add many years to the life of your roof. All of our roofing contractors are fully licensed and trained and we use Conklin coatings for greater stability and energy savings.

If you’ve noticed cracks, leaks, rust, mold or other issues with your metal roof, then it’s wise to give us a call for service to repair the metal roof. When you have a quality metal roof coating applied to your roof, there will no longer be points for wind, water, pests or anything else to get into your home or business.

For all of our roofing services, we also utilize a piece of equipment called an Equiptor, This is basically a mini dump truck with a bin that can be raised up toward the roof. Any debris that needs to be discarded is directed toward the bin and not onto your landscaping below. The Equiptor makes the roof repair process much cleaner and more efficient and protects your property at the same time.

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